Please note, at this time we are unable to administer COVID booster vaccines for 5 – 11 year olds.

Dear Dr. Christina
PM Pediatrics

Financial Policy

PM Pediatrics is committed making payment as convenient and easy as possible for our patients. As you may already be aware, we collect patient payments such as self-pay balances and copayments at the time of service.  For those with a high deductible health plan, at the time of registration our insurance verification system will indicate if you have an unmet deductible. We can determine the expected payment amount that you will be responsible for prior to your visit and you can pay at the time of service with your credit card or flexible spending card.

If you would prefer to wait for a final determination of your out-of-pocket costs, we ask that you provide a flexible spending or credit card for us to keep on file with our HIPAA-compliant, secure credit card processor. At the time of your visit, you will be asked to review and sign our Card on File form and we will swipe your card, much the same as any other credit card transaction. Your information will be stored securely. Office personnel will not have access to your card information. For your protection, only a portion of your card will be visible in our computer system.

Once your insurance company has processed your claims, they will send an Explanation of Benefits (EOB) to both you and our office showing your total patient responsibility. You typically receive the EOB before we do, so if you disagree with the patient amount owed, please contact your insurance carrier immediately. When PMP receives the EOB, we will enter this information into our system and subtract the insurance company’s payments and adjustments. The remaining balance will be only what the insurance company has determined you owe. PM Pediatrics will send you an email with the amount to be charged and the date the charge will be processed.  We will charge your card on file 3 days after the initial email.

Please contact our billing department should you have any questions: 516-869-0650 x305 or