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Dr. Christina Johns
Senior Medical Advisor, PM Pediatrics

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  1. | General Medical

    Crime Scene? or Nose Bleed?

    I have a few friends whose kids have regular nosebleeds, and I’m telling you, when it happens it looks like a crime scene. It’s hard to believe that so much blood can come gushing out of a little tiny space and make it appear like that child is bleeding to death, but I think I […]

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  2. | Rashes

    Eye of the Newt, Wart of the Toad (not quite Shakespeare)

    I feel a little bit badly about a recent parenting moment. For a perfectly healthy 8 year old, my daughter seems to have a lot of ailments. She VERY FREQUENTLY complains about EVERYTHING — sore throat, leg pain, stomachache—even “uncomfortable hair” (really), so it just seemed like it was yet another entry in the litany […]

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