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We are now offering 2 types of COVID-19 testing in select offices: PCR (nasal swab) & serum antibody (blood).

PM Pediatrics
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Dr. Christina Johns
Senior Medical Advisor, PM Pediatrics

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  1. Image of a child who is sad or upset

    I’ve got a good friend whose son Vince, a 4th grader, has a regular problem with “stomachaches.”  These are kind of unusual stomachaches, because they appear to be seasonal, almost exclusively occur during daytime hours, and are temporarily incapacitating.  They don’t include fever or vomiting, and his bowel movements are normal.  Last spring Vince was […]

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  2. child's hand in door crack

    “Trephination might be the most fantastic word on the planet.” “My child’s finger just got shut in the door!” What do these two sentences have in common, you ask? Let’s find out. A few situations can occur when a finger gets shut in a door… 1. A bruise. Hurts, and but not the biggest deal […]

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  3. funny face expression with open mouth of blonde caucasian three years old child, sleeping on king bed

    You know what’s great?  That my 8 year old is not totally stressed out that she is still an occasional bed wetter.  It happens to her about once every six months, and the way I’ve explained it to her is that she gets into such a deep sleep that she doesn’t even realize that it […]

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