Limited COVID-19 vaccines are available for ages 5-11 at select locations by appointment,
including Woburn, MA; Parkland, FL; Cary, NC; Los Angeles, CA; Naperville, IL; Mount Prospect, IL; Greenbelt, MD; Manhasset, NY; Livingston, NJ; Fairfax, VA; & Round Rock, TX & The Colony, TX.

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Dr. Christina Johns
Senior Medical Advisor, PM Pediatrics

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    Navigating Cold Season in the Era of COVID

    In addition to “when is this pandemic going to be over,” one of the most frequent scenarios I hear is: “I think it’s just a cold; can I send my child to school? There’s no fever or anything and we have been really careful.” As the coronavirus months march on, one thing we have learned quite clearly is that without a test, it’s impossible to tell the difference between cold symptoms and COVID-19. Unfortunately. Here is my general guidance: If your child is exhibiting any cold or flu-like symptoms it is best practice to keep them home until symptoms improve and yes, it’s still important to test them. Definitely for COVID-19, but maybe for influenza as well, depending on the local circulating rate of the virus. If it’s just a cold without a fever, the guidance is to stay home for about 48 hours from the onset of symptoms, to be sure that their condition […]

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  2. A woman of African descent and her doctor are indoors in a medical clinic. The woman is sitting and describing her symptoms to the doctor.

    You guys know that when I go to my office to see patients I go to a place called PM Pediatrics, right? As in pediatrics meaning kids. You’re with me on this, I think. Well you can imagine my surprise recently when the office received a phone call asking if we would see a patient […]

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