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Dr. Christina Johns
Senior Medical Advisor, PM Pediatrics

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Category: Injuries

  1. kids ice skating

    Do you like that title?  “What you “kneed”to know?” I laughed. Anyway, I was watching my 9 year old daughter’s ice skating lesson yesterday and on the rink there were probably 50-75 kids, all divided up into various skill levels- there was the hockey crew, the tiny beginners (in helmets), the kids learning to go […]

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  2. Father teaching son cycling

    | Injuries

    Put a lid on it!

    “Trauma-Rama,” we all call it. Urgent care offices and Emergency Departments are busy every holiday weekend.  By 7PM, business is booming. It seems like the minute the fun starts, so do the numbers of injured patients in our offices or in the E.D. (‘E.R.’ is what you watch on TV; ‘E.D.’ is what the Emergency […]

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