Thank you for your patience as our teams are working hard to accommodate higher than usual patient volumes as quickly as possible.
For the safety of staff and patients, we are currently limiting 1 caregiver per child in our offices.

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Dr. Christina Johns
Senior Medical Advisor, PM Pediatrics

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Category: Infections

  1. Warning Tick Habitat sign in the woods

    | Infections

    Sick of Ticks

    Ticks seem to be going viral.  (Get it!?!?!-) What I mean by that is I’m fairly sure that ticks have been getting more news and social media coverage than Russia recently…lots of reporting, no?  All of this reporting runs the gamut, from how this summer will be a BRUTAL one for volume of ticks, to […]

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  2. image Tetanus word cloud

    I’ve only restarted writing this blog entry about 28 times. I keep asking myself, “do you really want to go there?” Because it’s about vaccines, and anything written about this topic brings out naysayers who *often* refuse actual scientific data.  But when the #smartmomma crew calls out an issue to be reviewed, then review it […]

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  3. dr christina with honey and tea

    What a week in the infection department, huh? This year’s flu season’s been declared an “epidemic;” we’re getting hit with both regular winter respiratory flu AND the stomach flu (that notoriously horrible norovirus); schools are closing right and left (including my kids’ school) due to pervasive absence from illness, and I’m under the weather too. This […]

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