We are now offering 2 types of COVID-19 testing in all offices:
PCR (nasal swab) & serum antibody (blood).

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COVID-19 antibody testing for children & adults

Get screened for testing by visiting any of our locations or through our PM Pediatrics Anywhere app.

Every day of every week, we’re working to expand our response to COVID-19 for you and your family. 

That’s why we now offer COVID-19 antibody testing for adults and children with results typically available within 2-3 days.

An antibody is a marker in the blood that indicates the body’s immune reaction to an infection. We are offering the IgG test which can help determine if a person has previously had COVID-19. Click here to learn more about the antibody test. 

Based on our consultation you may be advised to take a COVID-19 nasal swab test.

Antibody testing is available at all PM Pediatrics Urgent Care locations. Find your nearest location


Types of COVID-19 tests

PM Pediatrics is offering two (2) kinds of tests for COVID-19 for children and adults. While no test is 100% accurate, we are using national reputable laboratories who perform internal validation to ensure reliable testing practices.

If you or your child has difficulty breathing, please proceed to the nearest Emergency Department immediately. If you are experiencing a life-threatening emergency, call 911.

PCR (nasal swab) test

The PCR (nasal swab) test will tell you if you currently have COVID-19. A swab is inserted deep into the nostril to collect a sample from the area at the back of the nose where it meets the throat. A person with symptoms of COVID-19 is a candidate for this test. The results come back in about two (2) days and are either positive or negative. There is up to a 30% chance that the test may be falsely negative. Therefore, a negative test does not eliminate the possibility that you currently have the infection or that you had the infection in the past.

Serum antibody (blood) test

We are also offering the IgG antibody test. An antibody is a marker in the blood that indicates the body’s immune reaction to an infection. This test requires a blood sample drawn from a vein. It will determine if your body has already built up antibodies to the virus that causes COVID-19.

If you believe you may have had COVID-19 and no longer have symptoms or believe you have had exposure without any symptoms, then you are a candidate for the antibody test. On rare occasions, the antibody test may be falsely negative, but that most often occurs if your infection occurred less than 21 days before your blood was drawn.  If you currently have symptoms and feel ill, you should not get an antibody test and would be better served by a PCR test (nasal swab).

We are learning more about this virus every day, and while the medical community is hopeful that these antibodies will help protect against future infection, we don’t yet know if it gives immunity or how long immunity would last. You should continue to follow the recommendations from your state/place of work in regard to social distancing, masking, and good hand washing.

Understanding test results

POSITIVE:  If your test comes back positive, you were likely infected with the virus that causes COVID-19. There may be a small number of people that have a false positive result. In addition, because this is a brand new virus, it is unknown whether a positive antibody result means that you are protected from getting infected again. It is also unknown how long your antibodies will last. Even if your test is positive, there is no guarantee that you are “immune.


NEGATIVE:  If your test comes back negative, you were likely not infected with the virus that causes COVID-19 or have not yet developed longer lasting antibodies. On rare occasions, the test may be falsely negative but that most often occurs if your infection occurred less than 21 days before your blood was drawn. You may wish to repeat the test in the future.


EQUIVOCAL: If your test comes back equivocal, you may or may not have been infected with COVID-19. Your development of antibodies cannot be determined. Speak with your primary care physician about possibly repeating this test in the future.

How to schedule a COVID-19 test

If you think you qualify for COVID-19 testing, get screened via an in-office visit or telemedicine visit on PM Pediatrics Anywhere. If a PM Pediatrics provider determines you to be eligible, you will receive information within 3 days about scheduling time for testing at one of our offices.

Insurance coverage of the COVID-19 test

The in-office COVID test is a special test, which will be sent to an outside laboratory. The laboratory will submit a claim to your insurance and will determine if you have any additional financial responsibility. Please contact your insurance to determine your financial responsibility for the laboratory fees. If you are not covered by insurance, the laboratory may bill you for the full cost of the test, unless you live in a state that has waived fees for uninsured patients.

Your pre-screening visit will be processed through your insurance and they will determine your patient responsibility. Please click here for more information on PM Pediatrics Anywhere and payments.

Have questions about the PM Pediatrics Anywhere app? Check out our FAQs