For the safety of our staff and patients, we are currently limiting 1 caregiver per patient inside our offices.
Everyone over the age of 2 is required to wear a mask at all times. Thank you for your understanding.

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What to Expect During Your Visit – Antibody Testing

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COVID-19 Antibody Testing

You have been referred for
COVID-19 antibody testing at a PM Pediatrics office


Some important information for you to know prior to your visit:

Within 1 week of your screening, a receptionist will call you between 9AM – 8PM EST to complete a registration and to schedule a time slot for in-office antibody blood testing. This call may take up to 10 minutes. This call will occur after a virtual visit on or an in-person visit to a PM Pediatrics location and a test has been ordered. If you have not received a call after day 6 to schedule your time slot, please call 516-207-7925. Please drink plenty of water prior to your visit. A blood draw is often more successful in a well-hydrated person.  A blood sample will be obtained from a vein. We cannot obtain blood from a fingertip for this test. Please bring a mask to wear at all times when inside our office. You must be asymptomatic to be eligible for an antibody test. If you develop symptoms such as fever or cough between your screening and your testing appointment, an antibody test will no longer be appropriate. You can consider re-screening on PM Pediatrics Anywhere for a PCR nasal swab test to determine if you are infected with COVID-19 and/or re-screen for antibody testing at least 21 days after your symptoms have resolved. Please note a re-screening will be considered a new visit.

Instructions upon arrival:

Please arrive to the designated testing location 10 minutes prior to your scheduled time slot. Please remain in your vehicle, call the office phone number and follow the prompt to let us know you’ve arrived. A member of our team will call you when it is time to exit your car for testing and give you any additional instructions. Testing will be provided in an exam room inside our office. You will be required to sign a form for testing, which can be accessed prior to your visit by clicking here. We are doing our best to adhere to scheduled times, but please be aware that there may be a wait. When called, be sure to turn off your vehicle and proceed directly to our front desk in the office. Keep at least a 6-feet distance from others. Find address information for your designated testing site here

During the test:

A blood sample will be obtained from a vein. We cannot draw blood from a fingertip for this test. A member of our team will be in full protective gear, including a mask, eye shield and gown. A member of our team will verify the patient’s name and date of birth. Our team may require your help holding your child in order to obtain a proper specimen. Thank you in advance for your cooperation.

If you have further questions about antibody testing at PM Pediatrics, please click here. 

How to interpret your results:

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If your test comes back positive, you were likely infected with the virus that causes COVID-19. There may be a small number of people that have a false positive result. In addition, because this is a brand new virus, it is unknown whether a positive antibody result means that you are protected from getting infected again. It is also unknown how long your antibodies will last. Even if your test is positive, there is no guarantee that you are “immune.” You should continue to follow the recommendations from your state/place of work in regard to social distancing, masking, and good hand washing.


If your test comes back negative, you were likely not infected with the virus that causes COVID-19 or have not yet developed longer lasting antibodies. On rare occasions, the test may be falsely negative but that most often occurs if your infection occurred less than 21 days before your blood was drawn. You may wish to repeat the test in the future.


If your test comes back equivocal, you may or may not have been infected with COVID-19. Your development of antibodies cannot be determined. Speak with your primary care physician about possibly repeating this test in the future.


Find address information for your designated testing site here.