Limited COVID-19 vaccines are available for ages 5-11 at select locations by appointment,
including Woburn, MA; Parkland, FL; Cary, NC; Los Angeles, CA; Naperville, IL; Mount Prospect, IL; Greenbelt, MD; Manhasset, NY; Livingston, NJ; Fairfax, VA; & Round Rock, TX & The Colony, TX.

Dear Dr. Christina
PM Pediatrics

Acknowledgement of Notice of Privacy Practices

Last updated: November 9, 2021


I understand that PM Pediatrics (and its affiliated medical practices including, without limitation, WakeMed Children’s PM Pediatrics Urgent Care or Children’s HealthSM PM Urgent Care, each the “Practice”) maintains a Notice of Privacy Practices containing a description of the uses and disclosures of the patient’s health information.  I acknowledge that I have received, reviewed, and understand the Practice’s Notice of Privacy Practices.  I further understand that the Practice may update its Notice of Privacy Practices at any time, and that I may receive an updated Notice of Privacy Practices by submitting a request in writing to the Practice or by accessing the most current Notice of Privacy Practices online at or