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Dear Dr. Christina
PM Pediatrics

About Captain PM

Captain PM originated, naturally enough, in the mind and heart of a child.

The young boy at the center of our tale was the adventurous type who loved to run, jump and play his days away. His imagination took him to faraway lands, although he never (really) ventured too far from home – and was always back in time for dinner. Unfortunately, his wondrous journeys often took him to a place he didn’t love: the hospital Emergency Room.

While fine for his parents and other grownups, he found the ER a scary place … even when he was being the bravest of knights, the strongest of superheroes or the toughest of cowboys. It was too bright, too loud – and filled with adults with real, serious problems. It was also boring. Every ER visit took forever, and he always promised himself that he would be more careful so he never, ever, ever had to go back to the ER again.

It was a promise he meant and (almost) kept … until his next adventure.

As the boy grew, his adventures became fewer, and thus, his trips to the ER farther between. Years passed and he became a young man who studied hard to become a doctor. A pediatrician by Captain PM charactertraining, he worked the night shift at that same hospital ER, helping to heal those brave knights and princesses and tough cowboys and cowgirls. But he never forgot how he felt there as a child.

The doctor turned those memories into a dedication to his patients and their parents unlike any his colleagues had witnessed before. He often stayed late into the night to comfort his young patients, calm their fears and hold their hands. He took the time to assure their parents and made sure that no question went unanswered. And while he found his job in the ER very rewarding, he just couldn’t shake his belief that there had to be a better place to treat children. But where?

He found the answer late one night as he returned home from work. There on his porch was a small oak chest. Bringing the chest inside, he read the beautifully engraved note attached: “Soon, your destiny will be revealed. You will embark on a wondrous, rewarding mission: One that only you have the power to uphold.”

Perplexed yet intrigued (he was still an adventurer at heart), he opened the chest, which revealed a bundle of purple fabric – and upon closer inspection, it appeared to be a costume of sorts. He set it aside, trying to figure out what it meant: Who left it there? Was this a joke?

Finally, exhaustion from the night’s events took over, and the doctor fell asleep, costume in hand.

He awoke a short time later, his slumber disturbed, as the costume began to sparkle and glow. He jumped up and backed away, frightened. Yet, still, he was drawn to the costume and with a mix of excitement and a little fear, he tried it on. The costume fit perfectly, as if it were made just for him (he knew in his heart that it was). He suddenly felt stronger, more invincible and empowered. His heart swelled with joy. He had the sense he could perform feats of courage … maybe even fly … but he was too unsure of his newfound powers to even try (yet).

But there was one thing he knew for sure: No child should have to experience the fear of going to the ER when he was capable of treating their wounds and illnesses in a place designed specifically to meet their needs. He realized he was meant to fulfill a destiny and wear this costume, which, of course, was much more than a costume, more even than its magic bestowed. It was a badge of honor, and with it came an enormous responsibility to children of all ages, for which this young doctor had been chosen to uphold.

From that day forward, he became Captain PM, the champion of children’s health, defending their right to the specialized urgent care they deserve … and delivering it in a place designed to be theirs alone. Captain PM and PM Pediatrics: It all began with caring for kids.

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